Veterans Services Brochure

CLIENT: Veterans Services
PROJECT TITLE: Veterans Services Brochure
Marketing Communications Team
Project Manager: Julie Wolf
Editorial Services/Associate Director: Deb Graber
Designer: Tamra Rolf
Art Director/Associate Director: David Duncil

Veterans Services Team
Assistant Registrar: Joan Hahn
Veterans Affairs Certifying Official: Betty Colbert

Client Overview
The Office of Veterans Services assists in providing eligibility for VA benefits as well as maintains useful resources for students with military obligations.

Update the design and content of the general brochure.

Target Audience
Prospective and current student veterans

• Conducted audit of all Veterans Services brochures.
• Determined multiple pieces could be combined into one simplified brochure.

Created a brochure that is:
• Clearly KU branded
• Consistent in look and feel with other KU materials
• Relevant and updated

Challenge #1
Working with client team to determine relevant information

Challenge #2
Establishing new format for the brochure so that it fit the KU look and feel

The new brochure was a collaborative effort. With input from the client, we recast the text, removing unnecessary information and making the updated text informative and appealing to veterans. The redesigned piece was cleaner and crisper than the original and used typography to guide the reader to pertinent information about veterans services. The client was pleased with the improvements to the brochure and has ordered a second printing.

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