Foundation Faculty Recruitment Campaign

CLIENT: Office of the Provost
PROJECT TITLE: Foundation Faculty Recruitment Campaign
Marketing Communications Team
Director: Todd Cohen
Project Manager: Julie Wolf
Copywriter: Melody Alexander
Editor: Evie Rapport
Editorial Services/Associate Director: Deb Graber
Designer: Tamra Rolf
Art Director/Associate Director: David Duncil

Public Affairs Team
Vice Chancellor: Tim Caboni
Director: Jack Martin
Communications Coordinator: Gavin Young

Provost Team
Provost: Jeff Vitter
Senior Vice Provost: Sara Rosen
Vice Provost: Mary Lee Hummert

Client Overview The Foundation Faculty Recruitment Campaign grew out of a specific goal of KU’s Bold Aspirations strategic plan. The client contributed basic goals and information that MarCom shaped into an integrated print and web campaign.

Primary Objectives
Targeted awareness of KU’s initiative to hire 64 new accomplished faculty, including 12 Foundation Professors

Secondary Objectives
Build perception of KU as a leading research university among its aspirational and peer institutions nationally and among rising faculty
Primary target audience
Accomplished and/or rising faculty who are looking for new opportunities, career advancement or enhanced institutional support for their research

BUDGET: $50,000

• Maximize budget through an integrated campaign using multiple media platforms (print periodical, direct mail, online, social, electronic), both traditional and fresh, to reach targeted audience repeatedly
• Goal of advertising is to compel audience to visit special web landing page and make contact with key recruiters
• Consistent message/presentation emphasizes KU’s ambition for growth and commitment to support faculty research by citing strategic plan, specific number of planned hires, and existence of state support

Print – periodical
• Chronicle of Higher Education – 3 consecutive full-page ads


Online – periodical
• Chronicle of Higher Education (40,000 imp.)
• Inside Higher Ed (50,000 imp.)

Online – retargeting
• Follow visitors to the Foundation Faculty recruitment site, employment site (CPM varies)

Social media
• Promoted tweets targeted followers of CHE, IHE, academic journals

Print – mail
• Direct mail postcard to presidents, provosts, deans, chairs at peer institutions (with email template for other communication streams)
• Quantity: 10,000 (8,800 addresses presently)
• Adapt cover of Bold Aspirations fall 2012 report for FFRC to be mailed to potential new faculty, deans and chancellors, etc.

Print – personal recruitment/events
• Emphasize KU’s appeal to potential faculty. Model is the Points of Distinction pocket card
• Pocket card (Quantity: 2,000)

Other possible tactics to be considered
• Supplemental Chronicle publications (Academia, Diversity, etc.)
• Conference program advertising (an AAAS conference, or wherever KU faculty are making presentations)
• Advertising in selected academic publications, i.e., Diverse, online journals
• Target expatriate Kansans who work in academia through email or direct mail

Challenge #1
The website needed to emphasize how Bold Aspirations strategic plan and the four strategic initiatives were guiding and supporting the recruitment initiative. Writer and editor selected distinguished professors, research centers, research projects/labs, and outreach already meeting goals and created explanatory text; the Web team folded these points together with hiring information and contacts.

Challenge #2
Unify an informative, serious tone and bold, sophisticated design across all elements to be most appealing to a knowledgeable audience.

The client expressed satisfaction with the range of materials in the campaign.

“When you cut the budget, you have to cut positions for workers, and that further compounds the recession that we’r…

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