Financial Aid Junior/Senior Combo Calendar

CLIENT: Financial Aid & Scholarships
PROJECT TITLE: Financial Aid Junior/Senior Combo Calendar
Marketing Communications Team
Project Manager: Julie Wolf
Copywriters/Editors: Evie Rapport and Sandra Reed
Editorial Services/Associate Director: Deb Graber
Designer: Rose Gaynor
Art Director/Associate Director: David Duncil

Financial Aid & Scholarships Team
Brenda Maigaard, FAS
Stephanie Covington, FAS
Lauren Erickson, ADM

Client Overview
Financial Aid & Scholarships previously enclosed a generic pre-college calendar and checklist with recruitment letters to high school juniors and seniors. The document was difficult to read and provided very little direction to students or their parents on application procedures.

The Objectives
— Develop a double-sided recruitment piece using KU specific text.
— Create a look consistent with KU branding standards.

Target Audience
High school juniors and seniors

Review KU, Kansas, and national websites to provide users with information on resources, programs, websites, and enrollment and financial aid deadlines.

Provide resources and websites for various application steps, and note deadlines in advance to allow for timely submission.

Challenge #1
Provide information to prospective students and their parents as they navigate websites and deadlines to apply for admission to KU.

Challenge #2
Combine information from several administrative sources into two cohesive checklists.

An attractive, double-sided document (juniors on one side, seniors on the other), easy-to-read and understand resources and deadlines, and a design that absolutely screams “Rock Chalk!”

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