3. Develop: How will it come to life?

Now our marketing communications experts get moving. We’ll discuss. We’ll brainstorm. We’ll write, draw, craft, plot, test, photograph, and optimize. We’ll make it sound good and look good, and stay true to the objectives you’ve outlined. Then, when we have our best solution, we’ll show it to you.

This is a collaborative project. So we’ll also listen as you provide constructive feedback. Together, we’ll revise and refine the concept until we agree on a final product or campaign that meets your needs, time line, and budget.

MarComm’s role: Collaborate internally to produce strategic, creative communications concepts to meet your objectives. Provide our best concept recommendations to you. Work with you to refine the final concept.

Your role: Review presented concepts and work with us to refine and choose a final version. Provide final approval for the concept.

Outcome: Agreement on our final deliverables and final campaign approval.

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