University of Kansas 2017 State Agenda

The University of Kansas’ mission is to educate leaders, build healthy communities and make discoveries that change the world. To help fulfill this mission, the university will ask state lawmakers to consider two priorities for the 2017 Legislative Session:

Restoration of 2016 Allotment Cuts

Last May, Governor Brownback issued allotment cuts of $10.7 million to the University of Kansas —a reduction of 5.1 percent of our state appropriation. This cut has forced us to make difficult decisions across our Lawrence, Edwards and KU Medical Center campuses.

This year, the University of Kansas is asking the Legislature to restore the $10.7 million to our budget so we can continue serving students and Kansans.

Stable Funding

As the 2017 Legislature sets out to draft a two-year budget covering FY18 and FY19, we call on legislators to provide stable funding for the University of Kansas.

Stable funding is crucial for two reasons: First, without stable funding, it is nearly impossible for us to plan or make basic business decisions for the upcoming year.

Second, stable funding is crucial given the recent trend of declining state financial support for higher education. As illustrated below, when adjusted for inflation, per-student state appropriations to KU have been reduced 44 percent over the past 17 years, severely straining the university’s ability to serve students and Kansans. The university cannot absorb additional cuts without it negatively impacting the students, citizens, communities and companies we serve.


More information: Kelly Reynolds, director of state relations, 785-864-7100,

“When you cut the budget, you have to cut positions for workers, and that further compounds the recession that we’r…

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